Happy Sunne-day! (Sunday)

Sunday, named for the Norse goddess Sunne (or Sunna) also known as Sól. Sunne rides across the sky in her chariot pulled by the horses Allsvinn and Arvak (meaning “Very Fast” and “Early Rising”.)

Sunne is said to be pursued by a wolf named Skoll. Eclipses are said to be the cause of the wolf getting close enough to take a bite out of the sun.

Sunne will continue until the Ragnarök, the ‘end of days’ for the gods. During Ragnarök, many of the gods, such as Odin, Thor, Tyr, Heimdall, etc) will be killed. Sunne herself is said to be finally caught and consumed by Skoll. Once this happens, Sunnes daughter will take her place and provide sun to a new world of peace and love.

Christians consider Sunday a day of rest since it is supposed to be the day that Jesus was raised from the dead.

So, I hope you had a good day enjoying the little bit of sun we get during the winter solstace times. Watch the wolves. (Oh yea, and go sin. Otherwise you’ll offend Christians because Jesus would have died for nothing! 😉


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