New Servers… Again

So, I finally went with an actual, well known, hosting solution.  This is after having more problems with my server.  I would get random 500 errors, wasn’t able to get to the control panel at times, and recently I’ve been getting disk quota errors.  Hostgator is unlimited bandwidth, space, and domains, a dedicated IP, and I even get a toll free number!  (I have no clue what I’ll use it for, but it came with the package.)

All this for the same price as my old one.  I’m somewhat sad because I enjoyed supporting my friend (I was hosted on his servers) but the lack of backups, common errors, and such worried me.  Also, the disk quota thing was annoying.  Here I can host everything without worrying about it.  (The disk errors were part of the reason I haven’t updated lately.  Hard to create new posts when you’re denied the ability to create files.)

And finally, I’ve updated to ExpressionEngine 2.0 (beta) and it’s not playing nice with some of my links.  (It also nix’d the photo gallery, so that will again be forthcoming.)  So, for the time, please pardon the dust.


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