So, I’ve been out of school for a couple weeks… and I already prepared to sign up for a japanese class at a local college. I also sent off emails to volunteer at NASA. Both things that I think will keep me happily busy. Otherwise, not much is new. I’m currently working on the webpage. I’m adding functionality for Ford Sync owners to add favorites, such as sport teams, weather reports, news, etc. Since I’ve primarily been a backend developer this is quite a change. I’m doing the whole ‘learning via the firehose’ method. While I knew HTML, basic CSS, and limited JavaScript, I’m suddenly having to pick up a lot more advanced concepts. The whole page is dynamic HTML with lots of AJAX. I think I’m going to update my webpage after this. (On that note, I still need to move it over to the new server since the old one is doa.)

Other cool news… I’ve beat a few songs in Guitar Hero 3 on hard! I still mostly fail, but I passed a couple! *heh*

And I just spent the last few hours trying to figure out how to turn my iphone into a pdf reader. It has the functionality innately, but didn’t have any good to open/read them. I downloaded a few available ebook readers, but they all used some funky format that I didn’t want to be bothered with. So, in the end I gave up and made my own way. Basically I just scp’d the pdf files over to /private/var/ebooks/ and created a index.html file that links to all the books. Simple, elegent, and it WORKS! Bah. Now I have a nice bookmark in Safari that I can open and read my ebooks. While it doesn’t remember pages, oh well… it’s better than nothing. (It’s basically so I have something to read while I’m in the mountains… been going up there often recently to watch Tina’s plays.) Oh, and I’ll note that in order for someone else to do this they have to jailbreak their iphone (obviously) and install the safari tweak to allow you to view local files.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. Later

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