So, I just happened to check out my hotmail account… for the second time this year, and noticed all kinds of emails from various people. So, if you never received an answer… that’s why. And now it’s too late for me to respond anyway. So, please use my gmail account.

I also paid for another year of Whisperings – Solo Piano Radio. While I know it’s not for everyone, I absolutely love it. It’s beautiful music and works wonders while I’m programming. I recommend everyone listen to it. Just go to the page and click on the free stream. Awesome stuff.

And as for my fancy snazzy IPhone…. blah. I admit, it’s a fun toy. I love being able to ssh/irc from my phone. The problem is… it sucks as a phone. 3G is absolutely shit! I say that in the worst possible way. I never get 3G reception… not even in the middle of silicon valley. Also, half the phone calls I make either disconnect or don’t even dial out with a nice “CALL FAILED” message. I finally turned off 3G and use the Edge network since people say it’s much more stable. It just sucks that a phone I bought for the high-speed network (leaving my old sprint phone which worked great on 3g) for a ‘superior’ model and the feature that was so critical that the phone was named after it (IPhone 3G) doesn’t even work. There are so many reports circulating the web placing the blame on both Apple and AT&T that I lost track of it all. Either way I don’t care. I just wish they would have tested and ensured that these features worked. They had a good guess what the influx would be to the network… AT&T should have been able to provide good estimates for what the network would be required to support. Ahh… crappy.

I’m still working on the ford site, even though I know little about html. The AJAX/Backend stuff is coming along great. I never was much of an artsy person I guess. Also, NASA never responded to my email. Either the contact info on their webpage is out of date or they don’t respond to emails. Ahh, such is the life. :/

And finally, the Japanese class I was going to sign up for is full. I’m on the waiting list. I’m half tempted to contact the instructor and see if I can skip Japanese 101. I know the kana, and they use romanji in that class anyway (lame) so it might be worth it. They start Kanji in 102. I’ll have to look into it.

Until later!

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