I figure I’ll take this moment to update this. It’s been a while, and with the move, school, and work, I’ve been stuck with a to-do list that never seems to go away. Since my little brother didn’t have a reliable internet connection, I was getting way behind in school. I tried to do it at work but I have a nasty habit of actually working when I’m there. (Or chatting….) So, the last couple nights have been filled with me feverishly attempting to catch up in school. I’m basically there but still need to finish this weeks comments.

Work has been great. I’m finally starting to understand all the code for the product I’m working on (the gps like driving directions app that will be used in the ford sync project among other places) and I’m actually able to do more of my own code instead of just bug fixes now. There is still more for me to learn, of course, but I’m at least making progress. And the job is pretty enjoyable as well. The people are nice, environment is very fun and productive. And, of course, the pay isn’t bad. 🙂

My new apartment is great as well. I still feel it is a little expensive, but I do like the place. Our balcony is right over the swimming pool, as I mentioned before, so it’s a constant reminder for me to go swimming. I’m trying to use swimming as my workout of choice. And I forgot how physically demanding swimming laps are. Ugh. We still don’t have much furniture here… well.. we don’t have any furniture here except a bed. (I’m writing this while sitting on the floor.) We have some stuff in storage, but we don’t have a truck/trailer to move it with. Sometime next week I’ll probably rent a trailer and have my brother help me haul stuff out here using his truck. (It has a stupid bed cover on it so we can’t fit anything in the back of it.. hence the need for a trailer.) We’ve also been looking for entertainment centers, desks, and other furniture items we’ll need. Oh well… hopefully we’ll be to the point where we can invite people over… soon…

Well, I’m going to get to bed now. Almost midnight and I should go into work sometime reasonable tomorrow. I guess… Need to finish writing an API document. Blah. I’ll attempt to post more often now that I have everything somewhat stable. We’ll see.

And as a side note, here is a computer I’m looking at building. Feel free to leave comments on what you think of it or give suggestions for improving it. It’s just under $2k which isn’t bad. We’ll see.

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