Good ol’ Silicon Valley

I’ve been meaning to post for a while now but have been constantly delayed in doing so. Having to drive about 1.5 hours each way to work doesn’t help. We have an apartment in San Jose already, but we can’t move in until the first week of February. The apartment is really nice though. It’s on the fourth floor of a complex where all other buildings only have three floors. Also, the wall that faces west has a lot of large windows so we get a great view of the sunset in the evening. (It was around sunset when we went to see it.) The apartment also has a lot of little perks that make it a nice place to live as well. It is also right next to the Lightrail that passes my work, which is good since I hate to drive. (Which is probably why I hated being in transportation so much. 😉 So, starting next month I should have a lot more time to do various activities other than work and driving to/from work.
As for my job… I love it! When I asked what time to be here, they told me whenever. When asked when I get off, they said whenever. It’s 10:35 right now and there is only one other person from my team here. The rest are either working from home or just not awake yet. (Well, we have a team meeting in a half hour so I hope they’re awake.) I’ve been told that as long as I get my work done and make the meetings I’m fine. Oh, and the meetings… they give us a number to dial into them. If I’m at home, I just call the number, enter the passcode, and I can listen/talk to the meeting over the conference phone system. It’s great. Some other perks include having my lightrail ticket paid for, having my home internet paid for, extra money for gyms and stuff like that. I laugh when I think about my last couple months in the military now. They almost try to scare you into staying in by saying stuff like “You know how much insurance is?” “You’ll never find a job as good as this!” Yea.. losers.
So yea. Things are good for me.
Also, if there is anyone in the bay area that wants to hang out, let me know. Tina’s out of town all week so I have some free time after work to kill. Oh, and if someone can get me a tour of the NASA Ames Research Center, you’ll be my friend for life. 😉
Ok, so off to do some real work. Later 😉

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