Trans Siberian Orchestra

The Trans Siberian Orchestra has always been one of my favorite bands and I listen to them year around. (Although, it does give me strange looks when I blast Christmas Canon during the summer months.) Never-the-less, now is the time I can listen to it freely and actually get nods of approval from passing spectators. I’ve been listening to it religiously for the last couple days, and just found out that one of my friends will be playing cello for them this year. Sometimes I’m surprised how talented some of my friends are. (No offense, friends. 🙂

Well, today I was actually listening to the words and decided to look up the lyrics so I could follow along with the song. The TSO Webpage has all the lyrics, but it also has, to my amazement, a story that connects the songs. Each album is a story or play of its own. I went through the entire Beethoven’s Last Night album and followed along with the background story at the same time. It’s an amazing difference, and one I would suggest everyone to partake of.

One of my favorite parts is the poetry of the words. I’ve only taken two classes for no reason than to take the class. (No grade, not required for my degree, just to take it.) They were both writing courses, and one was a poetry class. On the first day, the teacher said that we were not allowed to use songs for the course since they are not true poetry. I always wanted to argue this, but I guess it comes down to technicality and rule, and I didn’t want to delve that deep into it. However, listening to some of the words, I still say they have a poetic genius behind them.

It also makes me wish I could sing better… oh well.

On a side note, TSO is coming here for a concert next month. Tickets are sold out but I emailed a few people from craigslist who said they had tickets on sale. $140/ticket. Yikes. I wonder if it’s worth it. But I would so love to see them.

So Santa, besides money to help for my move, a pair of TSO tickets would be great. 😉

But… while we’re dreaming…


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