Woot! I have a phone interview with one of Google’s Engineers. I guess this means I convinced them to look past my limited experience and test me.

You know, I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about Google recruiters. I must have been just lucky. I’ve been dealing with a guy named Andrew who has been awesome. His manager said not enough experience, but he still pressed it and got me this far. He’s also been really nice every time I’ve talked to him and professional in his emails.

Either way, I’m happy now. While I still really want the job, I know it’s in my hands now. The resume doesn’t mean anything. The whole point of the resume is to get you the interview. From that point forward, it’s ability and personality. I now have the opportunity to show, and ultimately test my ability. I’ve been refreshing my mind with Big O notation, different sorts and data types in hopes that it all comes back to me. I’ve been programming in PHP and perl more than C++ recently due to school, so I want to make sure I’m ready.

Again, wish me luck. I’m confident that I’ll do well, but I’ll take the luck anyway. 😉

What started off as a pretty crappy day has gotten way better. Oh, and get this… they let me go home from work early. I only worked for six hours! That’s like half my normal shift.

Also, today is the anniversary that I met Tina on. It was at a Halloween party in Utah. I was wearing a prom dress and an alien mask… heh

What an interesting day.

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