A new hope.

I just read my last post. I wrote it to blow off some steam and just to write, and ended up sounding emo. Heh. I have more faith in myself than my prior post suggests, but I’m just frustrated with myself since I haven’t really participated in anything big over the last little bit. Working 12 hours shifts and doing all the homework for my degree always leaves me wishing I had more time for my own thing. But, I would guess that even if I wasn’t going to school and only worked the ‘usual’ 8 hour shifts, I would still be wishing for more time. The enigma of being human I guess. Sometimes I wonder if people who have their every need and whim catered for and could do everything that they want all the time wish for more time. (Yea yea… being super rich may not make you happy… but I’ll take my chances…)

2 months and 12 days left in the military. I can’t wait. I emailed back the guy from the Japanese Product Focus at Google and he’s going to call me again. Of all the jobs I would like, I think I would enjoy this one the most. It combines programming and japanese. My two main loves in the world. And I’ll be helping create new applications to be used in Japan. I can’t think of anything more interesting or exciting! I might be crazy, but I really really hope they consider me. Wish me luck! (Everyone say: がんばって (read: ganbatte))


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