September 11

On the anniversary of the most deadly attack on U.S. soil, everyone is talking about the lives that were lost in New York. They played taps on base and everyone stopped and saluted the flag. Sometimes I am impressed with the military and how they show honor and respect. These were a lot of innocent people who never volunteered to defend the country at the possible price of their own lives. It was just mindless killing to show that it could be done and attempt to strike fear into the hearts of the nation. I doubt they expected the backlash. I know I didn’t when I enlisted. Now, with my six year enlistment almost to an end, I’ve seen Iraq, and seen how the military functions. I’m not sad to leave the military, but I still do respect them.

So, since I know everyone has their own views, I won’t attempt to force mine on you. However, I do ask that you remember those lost, and respect those who fight for you. You don’t have to agree, but at least give them their respect. Too many people die each day, and to me, they deserve to be respected for putting their life at risk.

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