Goodbyes, and no rest for the weary.

So, today we had our farewell for all our deployers. There are quite a few of them and they leave this weekend. It also leaves our shop down to about 10 people. Means these 12 hours shifts don’t look like they’ll dissappear anytime soon. It does mean, however, that I will (most likely) never see any of these guys again. Some of them I’ve known for the last five years since I was assigned to Pope. And, almost as if they planned it, our super-crunch-week starts next week. Pope is having it’s last Airshow before it is taken over by Fort Bragg. They’re also adding the “Air Force 60th Birthday” to it as well. We’ll have the thunderbirds here along with a LOT of really cool different flying teams. I’ll have the distinct privilege of hearing the planes fly by while I sit inside working. Just like the last air show we had. I heard it was cool to watch, but I wouldn’t know. This means that I’ll prob work 12 hour shifts every day for the next two weeks before getting a day off. I’m so glad I signed up to ‘protect’ my country. I could be hacking into Iran and finding out where all their weapons are!!! But noooooo… the air force needs me to drive a bus. Because, to the Air Force I’m just another number to be assigned somewhere. Programming, hacking, and all around super computer skills, meh, who needs them when you’re the U.S. Air Force! They’ll just find another number and train them from scratch and hope they accidentally press keys in the right order to do something.

Not that I’m bitter.

I’m just so ready to get out and write something meaningful! Meh. I guess I”ll have to make due with my paper on Software Design practices by NASA for spacebound projects. That sounds cool enough to hold me over. (And once we finish our requirements and UML for another project I can start writing code for it. Almost enough to take my mind off of how much I hate my life in the military. Almost.)

Anyway, I missed Heroes, so I’m going to go watch it. Take care.

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