CarolinaCon 2007 CTF

Just wanted to post this quickly. I came in Second on the CC Capture the Flag hacking event.

Main CTF site:

Final Scores:

And the ONLY reason I wasn’t first was because I didn’t go there the night before. I arrived at 3pm and CTF ended around 10pm.

So the guy who hacked the box the night before and kept it with no competition until the rest of us arrived.. won by default.

So, knowing that, I consider myself first, but I guess that’s being egotistical…

Still, nice to know I can still p0wn a box after all this time. Nobody was able to steal it away from me after I locked it down too.

Some fun things…

“kill *” really does kill every process on the box. *blush*

Learned some new tricks as well, but that’s for another day. I have a P.T. Test in the morning and need some sleep if I’m going to do the 2mile run and pass. 😉


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