Sad day in the life…

So.. I went next door to play WoW with a friend. At first I thought it was strange when I was disconnected and attributed it all to wireless lag or something…. but then I couldn’t log back in.

Looks like somehow someone else got my account details and used it to login. (I actually found a keylogger (virus) on my laptop that appears to have been acquired when I let a friend borrow my laptop at work. Last time I do that…)

Anyway… next thing we know, I’m watching someone else play my character. All my equipment started disappearing and I’m guessing he sold it all. After that, all my other characters, one by one, logged on and I assume did the same thing.

So yea… I talked with a GM friend of mine and they’re tracking it all, so we’ll see where it leads us.

One thing I never understood about people that do this… the gold they made from my equipment is traceable and we’ll watch it (and ban all accounts) it touches… so why bother?

Anyway, so I’m in kinda a sour mood tonight… guess I’ll go play final fantasy XII instead.

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