I just received my student transcripts for my B.S. Degree. My final GPA was 3.573, so I was given Cum Laude, but just missed Magna Cum Laude. Oh well, it’s the first piece of paper that says I’ve officially completed my degree.

It came with a letter saying that my diploma will be ordered with a graduation date of August 31, 2006, and it should arrive in two months. So, I still have a bit until I get the piece of paper I’ve been working for during the last few years… It’s strange how after doing so much work for something, you look down and see the only physical proof of your work, it’s never quite what you expected it would be.

Oh well.. I guess I can mark this as the official completion of one chapter of my life. I’ve already started my Masters, and will be involved in that for the next couple years… we’ll see if the completion of that is any different.

But I guess it’ll be just like a birthday. You know it’s supposed to mean something… you just can never quite figure out what it is.

Anyone else feel that way?

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