Happy Birthday to me..

Well, it was supposed to be a happy day… but nooooooooo…

Heh.. if Tina wasn’t there, it would have sucked royally!

First of all, the cats were spectacular last night when it comes to keeping us awake. First they play tag across the bed, and then they use the blinds as a punching bag. After I kick them out of the bedroom, they serenade us from outside the door. So, when the alarm went off (because Tina wouldn’t let me sleep my whole birthday away) I was about ready to goto sleep. ๐Ÿ˜›

I still got up anyway, and somehow made it through a shower. Now, it was my day, so Tina let me choose what I wanted to do. It was raining, so no outdoors stuff… so we decide to watch a movie. The Wicker Man looked like a good horror/thriller flick. Let me just say.. it was Awful! Omg!

So… it starts out with Nicholas Cage playing the normal CHiPs motorcycle cop. Some little girl throws her doll out the window and he picks it up, and pulls them over. He gives the doll back to the girl, she throws it out the window again, he gets it only to make a tractor-trailer dodge him and run into the car. He tries to save the girl, but the car blows up and he’s knocked unconscious. Well then… he goes into depression, starts having hallucinations about the girl.. whatever. Nothing that’s happened so far really has any meaning to the show…

So, now out of the blue he gets a letter from a girl he used to be engaged to. She says her daughter is missing and he needs to come help her search for her. The rest of the movie, except for the very end, is of him searching this little island full of super-freaky goddess/mother earth/sacrifice/zealot types, etc.

Now, for the trick ending… (This is the twist…)
The freaky people planned it all! And he was just there to play their game! OMG! And guess what he wins! To be sacrificed!!!

Yea, so it ends with Cage going down in a ball of flames. That’s it.. he’s dead. Stupid!!!!!

So, yea… I hated the movie. Well, dinner has to be better. We went to a place call Miyabi’s. It’s one of those Bennihana like places where they cook the food on the table in front of ya. Now, here’s the rub… we normally go to a place called Samurai, but decided to try the new place out. (It has this pretty cool fountain in front where it shoots little beads of water out and has a high-speed strobe light so the water looks like it’s standing still or going uphill.. anyway.. the atmosphere was awesome.. the food sucked. ๐Ÿ™

So, for my birthday, I watched a bad movie and had bad food. ๐Ÿ™

Well, after all that I came home (at around 9pm) and was wondering if my family forgot. But, they all called between 10 and 11pm.

As for gifts… Tina gave me a 1GB memory card for my cell phone so I can keep all my music on hand with me. She also gave me a new shirt that looks pretty snazzy and MacGyver, season 1. I love this show! I’ve been watching it for the last five hours. I want to be MacGyver! Hehe..

So, that was my day. Could have been better… but I guess it’s just the luck of the draw.

And MacGyver makes it all worth it. Does Tina know me or what?

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