The promised update

Soo… lets see. I spent the last two weeks in Utah doing chores. Yes, chores. Well, not all the time, but all in all, Tina and I had a total of like five hours by ourselves. I BARELY got to see Clint twice (BBQ’d some steaks in the canyon and went to say goodbye to him at his work) and it wasn’t nearly enough. We helped Tina’s mom find a car (she choose a 2004 Monte Carlo) and I had to rebuild her deck since it collapsed (not surprising since it was held up ONLY by 4 screws). Visited both our parents a few times, and went to Vegas to visit my brother. (We also got my new book Phantom signed by Terry Goodkind. He wrote “In freedoms light” in my little brothers and my books since we’re in the military. It was quite fun. Well, except the 5 hour waiting to get it signed, but it did give me a good start reading the book. I’ve said this a few times already but READ THESE BOOKS! They’re awesome. Names are under my user-info if you want to check back later.

So anyway, it was a vacation… well, a necessary evil anyway. Visited the family and finished the few things we had to do while there. Despite being exempt on drivers license, I figured I would get a new one since I’ll be out long before the new one expires.

Other news, I got a new cell phone. A LG Fusic. It plays MP3’s and stuff. I’m hoping to sign up for the Phone as Modem package someday so I can use it to get online while at work and such. Need to wait until I get more money though. We had to get new phone numbers though, but that was just because we had to change the plan from Tina’s name to mine. We are actually paying about $15 less now than we were before and we have more features than we used to. Yay for 15% military discount! I’ll post my new contact info after this in a friends-only post and memory it for ya.

So, that’s what’s been happening. As for what’s coming up?

I have been awarded my B.S. degree in Comp Sci from Campbell, and have signed up for my first couple classes from UMUC. I paid for my books already, and it was only about $110 for both classes. That’s cheaper than one book from my campbell classes. I’m sure it’ll change though. I’ll list the class/book info later in the post just in case anyone cares.

So, now I’m back at home. Actually at work now. Back on mids, which is 11pm-7am. I really don’t mind since I’m a night person anyway… and nights are really slow! Lots of free time. I like it.

Well, guess I’m going to go read some more of Phantom. (Again, you need to read it! 🙂

MSWE 601 – Issues in Software Engineering

  • Software Engineering by Dorfman, M., & Thayer, R.H.
  • Byte Wars: The Impact of September 11 On Information Technology by Yourdon, Edward

    USCP 611 – Introduction to Graduate Library Research Skills (Non-Credit class required by all graduates.)

  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
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