MySpace and Anime

Ok, so people stop asking, THIS IS MY MYSPACE

But I NEVER use it. I had to try six passwords just to figure out the right one. Only reason there is a picture there is because Tina put it there since she hates her friends not having pictures.. 😛

But there it is.

Also, I spent the night watching Nana, Kiddy Grade and Naruto. I’m trying to catch up with Naruto (on episode 164 I think) and I hope something good happens soon. I want to see Naruto’s power, none of this filler stuff.. (Maybe I’ll continue watching Inuyasha again sometime.) Too many anime’s that don’t look like their going to end any time soon. Nana was strange, and I’m not really into it yet. Kiddy Grade was cool as well. Oh yea, also watching Demonbane, which only has a couple episodes out. It’s like slayers meets evangelion. Kinda interesting. You should watch it.

I also pulled out the keyboard and tried to play again. I can still play Jurassic Park and Fur Elise, but I get caught up trying to play Moonlight Sonata. My fingers don’t move fast enough anymore. (Also, my keyboards not big enough to play the octave-distanced bass clef notes for moonlight, so it’s hard to play.) I should practice more… meh. I did pick up the prelude for Final Fantasy though. It’s pretty easy, but it was fun to play. 🙂

Anyway, better get some sleep before work. Oyasumi!

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