Just wanted to throw this up for you guys. Anyone who likes to listen to Final Fantasy music (and anyone who looks at my page will see how much I love Nobuo Uematsu’s music…) or anyone who likes the games should check this out:

To give the description from the webpage:

Chrono Symphonic is a project a long time in the making. Starting from the autumn days of October 2004, and ending in the wintry days of January2006, it’s been a labor of love for everybody that has been a part of it. Initially designed to be the soundtrack for the long-desired Chrono Trigger movie (no, the movie doesn’t exist and probably never will), it encompasses 18 different artists’ takes on the way such a film should sound in an orchestral setting, and many more on how it should look and feel. Never has such an abundance of talent been thrown into such a powerful calling, and never has the game Chrono Trigger, which many ofus grew up playing, known so much love.

So, go check it out! It’s beautiful music.

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