The life of a bored man.

Last week was my finals week for spring semester. I have ONE class left for my degree. German 201. I really wish they offered Japanese instead, but I’ll do what I have to. One class. I’ll walk down the stage with my B.S. in fall. (Assuming I’m still here of course.) Either way, I’ll be finished… until I start my masters in Software Engineering this fall. I’m a glutton for punishment I guess. The difference, however… I might actually learn something this time around. I don’t think I learned anything new from my B.S. degree. Well, not in the computer side of the house anyway. Don’t get me wrong… I learned a LOT about OpenGL and pathing algorithms… but it was because I got sick of the ‘assigned’ work and started making my own games and stuff to pass my time in class. But from the course listing for my M.S. degree, I should learn quite a bit and actually be challenged. (Oh yea, and no side courses… pure programming baby!)

But now I’m basically finished. Starting next week I’ll be in German for four hours every saturday morning *cries* but it is a summer course so it’s only a couple months. I can deal with that. My biggest problem is having nothing else to do. Everquest is getting boring. I have a 70 Wizard, a 58 Bard, and my GM Guide toon. Back when I played with Alex, it was exciting because we played together. When I started playing again I worked to level so I could play with him when he comes back from Iraq… and now that he’s back.. he’s just as bored. I get SICK of sitting there looking for a group so I could play. I’m a wizard.. I can’t fight on my own! And EQ is supposed to be an escape! Not WORK to find something to do.

So… I started playing Kingdom Hearts 2. (Oh yea.. I forgot to mention.. Tina gave me Kindom Hearts 2 and a new cd/mp3 player for my car. I loooove it… *huggles Tina*) Anyway, it has been fun. I’m about half way through the game right now. But what else do I have to do. I’ve been thinking of looking for another project to start programming again, but I’m not sure what. Any ideas?

Anyway, works over.. need to get home. I’ll post more later.

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