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Aside from work and school, I’ve been thinking of what I’m going to spend my time on for the next little bit.


  • Everquest: Probably playing my Bard Utaboshi since I can solo with him… which is something I can’t really say for my Wizard Grongel. (Even though the wizard is at the highest level, 70, versus my bard who is at level 58, almost 59.) I’ve also been playing with Catherine on other servers just for a change of pace.. but I don’t know if any of those toons will evolve to anything.
  • Kingdom Hearts 2: This has been a fun game so far, and it has no sign of stopping. It’s a fun mix of Final Fantasy characters with Disney. Best of all, I feel like I’m making progress in the game… Something I haven’t felt in EQ for a while.


  • School: German 201 – Supposed to be my last class. Class starts on the 30 May and ends on 22 July. German is every Saturday from 8:30am to 1:00pm. *dies* Also, my web report says I’m missing one class… doesn’t say which one though. It has German listed as scheduled, so I’m not sure if there is still one other one I need to do or not. I’ll find out tomorrow.
  • Books: Phantom by Terry Brooks. According to the website: The second installment in the Chainfire Trilogy, which will bring a dramatic conclusion to the Sword of Truth series. This makes me cry. This has really become one of my favorite series of all time.. and it’s ending. (Yes, it is the 11th book, but still….) Supposed to come out this summer. There is a Gathering on 28-29 July where they’ll be releasing the book in Vegas, but I’m sure I won’t get the chance to go. It would be fun though. Still, this will take up ALL my time once it comes out until I finish it.
  • Final Fantasy XII: It was released in Japan in March. I’ve played every other FF game (except XI since it’s online only) and I won’t stop now!
  • School: Start my Masters program at UMUC in Software Engineering. I’m so looking forward to this. Please come soon.


  • Vanguard – Saga of Heroes: Still not sure if I want to play another online multiplayer game yet, but this one has had a lot of hype. Supposed to be by the same people who started EQ… and controlled it when it was.. well.. fun? *heh* If they let me Beta it, I might play it, but we’ll see.
  • Lord of the Rings Online – Shadows of Angmar: I signed up for beta… but it really sucks since, being a LotR game, my nick was blocked. I had to choose Str1derA instead. I’ve had this nick LONG before the movies or the games! (~1989) Well, it started out as Strider, but I added the A to the end when everyone else started stealing it on IRC. Hopefully they’ll accept me. It would be fun to beta that.
  • Programming: I’ve been thinking of writing a plugin for Gaim to allow me to talk to friends on EQ via the EQIM protocol. There are already libs out there to support it, so it wouldn’t be hard to modify. Just need to get my ass in gear and do it. 🙂

Anyway, night shift is here again, so I better get going. Lata. Oh yea, please comment, even if you’re just calling me an ass or something. It at least lets me know this is being read and makes my time spent on it feel worthwhile. Thanks.

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