Animazement, Katana’s and Martial Arts.

Tina and I went to the Animazement today. It was all right, but didn’t really have any guests I cared about. There were a few good cosplayers, and that was neat to see, but since Tina dressed up, most of my time was spent waiting for people to take pictures of her. Got really boring after a while. We did visit the vendor’s room, and I picked myself up a Moogle hat (pics soon) and a copy of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I watched the making of and the deleted scenes tonight… will need to watch the movie in it’s DVD goodness later. (And try to ignore the obvious changes from japanese to english…)

There was one thing I didn’t get though I wanted it. A $200 katana made of ritter steel. It was an actual Sakaba (Reversed blade, same type kenshin uses. Basically, the forward edge of the blade is dull, and the straight back is the cutting edge. Used as a pacifist weapon with the ability to be deadly… just in case a thin dull metal blade wasn’t deadly enough anyway.) Looking online, you can see a few examples of the actual sword I wanted here with one made of carbon steel here.

While I already have a katana (one that’s tasted my blood many times yet never anyone elses…), mine is made of stainless steel. While it looks pretty, it’s definitely not battle-worthy. While I don’t ever expect to just happen to have it on me while someone else, who just happens to feel like mugging someone else with a katana, attacks me… I want it just to have. Simple as that. Also, it would be a real motivator to get back into training. I really miss my old Kempo classes. I still have my Shinai and Bokkens laying around, mostly forgotten as well.

Just out of curiosity I grabbed my old Gi from Kempo and decided it’s definitely not my size anymore. (My white gi with the animal patches was given to a friend to wear for a costume party, and he failed to return it. My black one was purchased just to wear with my black belt, but is of really light material and I wouldn’t trust wearing it in actual drill/combat. Only thing that’s still actually usable is the belt, and my sparring equipment. My Kendo Hakama is still in really nice shape too, but it needs to be ironed…)

So yea… I really need to get back into martial arts. I’ve been telling myself that I would do it when I started getting more time from school… well, I’m down to the last classes… I guess it’s now or never.

And I really want that sword. đŸ™‚ And a teacher that teaches Katana or Kendo.

I wish too much…

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