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One of the better roleplaying systems I’ve played is called GURPS. It stands for Generic Universal Role Playing System. As the name suggests, it’s very versitile and can be used to roleplay in almost any situation. When you create your characters, you get a certain number of points and you distribute these points into your general stats (strenght, wisdom, etc) or special skills (sneak/hide/magic/etc).

Ok, so why did I tell you all of this? I’m getting there… Well, anyway, to get more points, you can get disadvantages as well. This includes things like vulnerabilities (Silver/Sunlight/etc), slow refexes, half deaf, whatever. Well, one of the more fun disadvantages you get is “Soundtrack.” You can think of this like Mission Impossible, where it plays the music when the guy is sneaking or doing something dangerous. Welllll…. Now you can get your own soundtrack!

Dada unlesed their Code-M mp3 shoes. These shoes have their own built in MP3 player with a speaker on them in case you want some good “sneak” music next time your going to break into someone’s house. Yes, (like in gurps) people around you will be able to hear you, but it’s sneak music! They won’t be able to find you! Well, they probably will, but it would still be cool. Oh, you can also use the wireless headphones to listen to the music as well, but what fun is that?

So, what will your soundtrack be?

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