Zorro 2, further proof that what worked well once doesn’t always work well a second time…

Actually, it just plain sucked. TOTALLY sucked.

There was like one line I liked in the movie. “Prison changes a man.” (You have to see it in context…)

Anyway, it was way to cliche, lame, and FAKE! Nothing like that ever happens or COULD HAPPEN!

Part of the reason I watch movies is because you can see that happening… even with the harry potter or narnia…

They’re fantasy, and you can picture it…

But people don’t do backflips as they’re running along buildings just to do them.

And things aren’t ALWAYS there when you need them.

(OMG! It’s going to blow! Lets hide behind this little brick wall that just happens to be here in the middle of the desert..

uh huh.. right…

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