It’s 9:00pm on Monday night. Graduation is tomorrow. Not really sure if I’ve won any of the awards or not, but I know I scored the highest in the class on the last test, so I guess that counts for something. The last couple days I’ve been spending a lot of my time doing things I haven’t had time for recently. A good example is just reading books I love and watching shows. As far as books go, I just bought the 11th book in the Wheel of Time series. I haven’t even gotten out of the prologue yet, but it’s refreshing to be back in a story I love. My second ‘waste’ of time was the shows. There is this new show called Densha Otoko (Train Man). It’s a Japanese drama of course. Sadly, it was only 10 (1hr long) episodes. I just finished the last one tonight. It just talks about how a total geeky otaku (um.. me?) meeds a really pretty girl (um.. Tina?) and how they form a relationship. Some parts are annoying… like the otaku can’t get out a full sentence without stuttering because he’s so nervous. I’m glad I wasn’t that bad. All in all, however, it’s a really touching and cute show. (Enough to bring you to tears.) It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show that has brought me to that level. (Especially after such short of a time.) I guess after Iraq, school, ALS, and everything else… I just want to bring back some of my youth where I was able to relax and actually explore my feelings. For that reason, I’m really happy I was able to just sit down and relax.

Tomorrow night is the graduation.. I have Wednesday off, and I go back to work on Thursday. Thursday is also the CCAF graduation where I see if I won the Pitsenbarger award. (The narrative I posted earlier…)

I have a parade I need to march in this weekend as well. School on Tuesday and Thursday… But really easy classes.

I could use the break.

I’ll post more on Tuesday.

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