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Here is an updated paper… thanks for all the help so far.



There are many extracurricular activities I enjoy participating
in. Many of them involve self-taught computer education, some are centered
around assisting children and at-risk youth, and the rest, such as family
personal time, are purely for relaxation. Most of my time is spent in the
classroom working towards my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. The rest of
my time is spent with my family, or off exploring the local community.

Since junior high, I’ve always been interested in computers
and the many new things we could do with them. This interest led to my
enrollment at Campbell
in Computer
Science. Currently I am one semester away from my degree with a 3.6 GPA and a
spot on the Presidents List. My goal is to continue toward a Doctorate Degree
in Computer Security.

Aside from personal development, I am also planning on
using this degree and applying to Officer
Training School
on the
next board. I feel this is the best way to advance my personal goals while
being able to give back to the military that has helped shape and define me in
so many ways. I’m looking forward to receiving my commission and helping guide
the future leaders of the Air Force.

My work with computers has allowed me to experience a
variety of hardware and software challenges. 
It’s a hobby that provides me opportunity to flex both my creative and
logical abilities.  My problem-solving
and troubleshooting skills have been enhanced, and I have become more practiced
at both focusing in on an issue as well as stepping back to view a higher-level

Outside of school I spend a lot of my spare time helping students.
I tutor computer programming to college students every semester. I also tutor
elementary and junior high students in mathematics. It’s especially rewarding
when you see students really start to grasp concepts and gain understanding,
and you know it was because of your efforts. 
Working with students requires a special patience and dedication that
they, in effect, teach you.  Volunteering
in a mentoring capacity has helped me better understand my own learning and leadership

I also like to help improve the community. I’ve assisted
the Meals on Wheels program to ensure they were able to provide food for
elderly and handicapped people. I’ve also assisted the Habitat for Humanity
creating new homes to provide a place for low-income families to live.

The majority and perhaps best use of my time is with my
family. My wife not only gives me the support and motivation to continue to do
my best, she also helps pick me up when I fall down. Some of the most memorable
moments include quiet walks through the parks, exploring local museums, and
visiting the local beaches. She is the reason I look forward to the future and
try so hard to make it as bright as possible.

Time is relative, and with all the choices possible for
the future, there is never enough time for everything. I try hard to achieve my
goals, and ensure I have enough time for others. I understand that my touch on
the world will ripple out and affect people I don’t even know, and in ways I
could never imagine. My desire is to leave the world better than it was when I
came into it, and give the generations of tomorrow hope and inspiration for the

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Writer, Programmer, Astronomer, Dreamer, Wisher, Fighter. Always striving to be better than I was.
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