Ok, this whole GTA thing is making me mad. I’ve never really played it, (other than at friends house and that was just driving and being chased by the cops, I’ve never done one adventure in any GTA game.) however, this whole contriversial sex game that is has the whole industry in an uproar… I mean.. WTF people.

1) You have to PATCH THE GAME just to that part anyways. There is no way to see it otherwise. None. You have to run code that was NOT created by Rockstar games just to see it. And now rockstar is saying they’ll release a patch to take it out of the game. Does this make sense? You would run a patch to remove part of the game that requires a patch to get to… So… why not just tell people not to run the first patch in the first point and say “Hey, if you run it, you change the game to Adults Only.” ‘nuf said. Again… WTF?

2) The game does not show ANY parts of the body that are not seen anyway. (According to the article anyway.) And even if you get ANOTHER PATCH that removes the clothes, they’re supposedly not lifelike at all. (The point of the game is just to rub against each other until *boom*.)

Oh well. It just makes no sense to me. But, I guess politicians need to keep up with their usual annoying and stupid antics… I mean, if they did something worthwhile, people might like them and that would be horrible! Stupid politics.

That’s it, I quit this world… *grabs his towel and sticks his thumb in the air* Bye.

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