Quick update

I’m in SLC, Utah right now on leave and having a pretty good time. After some stupid stuff (white water rafting with no life vests and only two paddles) and a few family get-togethers later, I’m doing pretty good. I’m going water skiing and wave-running tomorrow, and that sounds fun. 🙂 I need to register for classes on the 1st for fall… luckily, I won’t be going back overseas until late nov-early dec so I should be able to finish out the semester.

What else… Nothing else is really going on. Just lounging away enjoying my vacation. 🙂

Anyway… I need some sleep, so that’s my update.

Some strange stuff… darcylily pointed me to this news article that talks about reanimating the dead. It looks pretty good. It appears that if the replace the victims blood with an ice cold saline salution, the body will be preserved (even though there is no breathing or heartbeat) until they can get emergency treatment done. A good example would be someone getting shot up in Iraq. They can put the victim in this state of homeostatis and transport them back to the states, do surgery and then bring them back to life…

but can you imaging telling everyone… “Yea, I was dead for a couple of days, but I got better.”


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