Quick Update

I test for staff in the morning, so I need to get to sleep. Tomorrow will mark the end the reign of books over my life since school started when I got back from Iraq. I’m looking forward to being able to study my own stuff once more. This weekend is the airshow, so I’ll be really busy but that will end soon as well. I did get to miss a bunch of the ole bust-your-butt jobs because of this test, but I’ll get the post-airshow work piled on me, I’m sure.

Also, Tina bought me a new wedding ring since my old one was small. (Constatly left a ring on my finger and was painful at times.) The new one is nice (black with two silver bands) and is Titanium. It helps with a job like mine knowing my ring won’t scratch from every little thing. Anyways, I better get some sleep. Wish me luck.


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