All right… so whats happening…

First of all, Tina was in an accident. She’s all right but it’s pretty annoying. Some college girl ran the red light and broadsided Tina. The girl just happened to be leaving for Europe a couple days later and the annoyance insurance company decided to take their sweet time. So by the time they were going to decide liability, she was gone. Thus, no statement from her. This is making it so we have to wait for a police report (7 days waiting so far, should be done monday) before they’ll think of placing liability. This also means they won’t help us in any way since we refuse to put it on our policy since it wasn’t our fault. (We both have Allstate for Insurance, so we’re afraid that they’ll just take our deductible and call it good if we pay.) Anyway, so we’re without a car and waiting for things to move ahead. (We paid for rental insurance so we wouldn’t be in this situation too… stupid insurance companies.)

In other news… Thursday was my last day of school and I have a couple weeks to go until summer term starts. I’ve signed up for Assembly Language and Security + (Basically a class to get your Sec+ cert). I found out after I signed up that they’re offering Calc I as well, but it’s at the same time as the Assembly class, and I really want to take that class. They offer it Fall I as well, and I need Calc I and II anyways, so I might as well wait. If they deploy me again, I’ll still be missing that class anyways. Blah.

What else… Pope is having it’s air show next weekend (in a week) and we’re supposed to be busy busy. I test on Friday for Staff Sergeant as well. (I’m hella lucky this week. Monday/Tuesday off, work Wednesday, Thursday off, Friday test. W00t) Hoefully I get high enough to get my next rank. Wish me luck.

Anyway… Dinner is ready. Tina made me yummy food. (Meatloaf) so I’m going to go eat. Talk to ya later.


P.S. You should all buy the Audioslave – Be Yourself song… it’s ++

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