Quick update.

I think I did well on my PFE test, but I have no clue how I did on my SKT test. The SKT is the test on your job and stuff… and well, my shop does everything… wrong…

Anyways, I studied expecting one test and got a totally different one than I studied for. So I shot myself in the foot there. Oh well, first time testing and all.
I just have to hope the PFE pushes me over the edge.

Also, the airshow starts tomorrow on Pope. I saw the Canadian team doing their smoke maneuvers and it was pretty cool. Too bad I have to work and won’t be able to watch the real thing.

Also, we bought a lawn mower today. It’s pretty nice, but for what we paid for it… it better be.

Oh yea.. and some good news… I hope…

I’m taking Calc I during Summer term. They’re letting me take it as an Independent Study course so I can finish my package for my Commission. So, Alex… I might be leaching off ya for a bit.

Welp, night.

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