Wow! I updated!

My life has been much much too busy as of late. Aside from having to study for Staff Sargent (I test on May 27th), school, work, and everything else has been keeping me far too busy. I’ll get to that, but first of all..

I’ve been told to be ready to go back to Iraq. While it’s not for-sure yet, the rumor is set for September/October time frame. If I go back, I won’t be as lucky as I was last time. I’ll be doing Convoys for sure. So, before I go…

I’ve been trying… well, failing, to get away from this place:
The BOP I applied for has been denied. (BOP = Base Of Preference. Means I get to PCS (Move) to whatever base I choose. Since BOP is stateside only, I choose Hill AFB, Utah and places in California.)
I need to finish ALS (Airmen Leadership School) before I can apply for MTL (Military Training Leader) duty, and they’ll only let me goto ALS if I get my next rank… I want to be a leader at Monterey, CA.
Assignments come out next month, but since I got a short tour (6 months overseas) due to Iraq, I probably won’t get one…

Well, that’s not working… so I tried other routes. Since I only require two classes before I can apply for my commissioning program, I tried to apply for a education leave of absence. Basically, it’s a pause in my duty so I can go to school. This was denied since they only offer it to people who have re-enlisted.

So, I’ll be going back to Iraq and STILL have only two classes left. Two years in a row waiting. Thank you Air Force. I’ve decided that if I miss it again, I’m getting out for sure. My life, I would like to have a choice again.

As for the rest of my life… I’ve written four essay papers so far and I have one left. After that I have two 10 page research papers and one presentation I need to write. At work we’ve been preparing for some inspections and I haven’t been able to do anything of my own at all while at work. Four to Six hour nights are bad enough, but the papers make them worst. Tina’s been helping out where she can though, so that helps. She helped me do the yard today and helps keep my uniform nice since I don’t have time to do it myself. She also feeds me… otherwise I would starve. I wish I could have a break. I really do.

Lastly, the brakes on the car decided they would die on us the other day. So, I took it into the Self-help auto shop on base and replaced them. The shop people told me they could grind the rotors down, and so I let them. Shortly after and after a long of grinding noises, I was told that my rotors aren’t supposed to be ground. Luckily, the auto shop replaced them for me at no charge. (They even went to pick them up, which was good since I had no car.) So, I was able to change my front breaks and I saved the back ones for another weekend.

Well, now it’s 11pm, and I still have to finish this essay for tomorrow. I better go. I hope that gives you a little update on my life.

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