Spring II classes

ENGL 102 – English Composition II – Mon/Wed 7:45p-10:00p
Blarg… I already clepped this, but it’s an easy class and the actual credit hours will help me out alot when it comes to putting in my package for my commission.

CSC 383 – Data Communications – Tues/Thurs 5:15p-7:30p

383. Data Communications (3)
Concepts of communication networking, including connection-oriented and connectionless, layered architecture, clients & servers, packet switching LAN, WAN.

CSC 411 – Computer Organization and Logic – Tues/Thurs 7:45p-10:00p

411 Computer Organization and Logic (3)
This course covers the following topics: logic circuits, organization of computer components, and computer systems.

I wanted to take the following:

212 Operating Systems (3)
This course covers the development of operating systems, CPU scheduling, memory management, file systems, disk scheduling, I/O devices, processing of data sets. Prerequisite: CSC 211.

But that nasty pre-req got me… If I was here for Spring I I would have taken ASM… stupid Iraq deployment… *mutter* (This would have taken the place of Data Comm had I been able to take it.) I don’t mind too much, however, since I’m pretty good with networking and this class looks interesting.

Also, I just rememebered that I need to take two more 300 level math courses:

333 Linear Algebra (3)
A study of the basic properties of matrices, properties of determinants, rank of a matrix, equivalent matrices, inverse of a matrix, vectors and vector spaces, linear transformations, linear operators, unit and orthogonal transformations, characteristic equations and roots, minimum polynomial, bilinear, quadratic and Hermitian forms

335 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3)
A study is made of mathematical models of random phenomena, mean and variance of probability law, law of large numbers, algebra of expectations, frequency distribution, generating functions, correlation, regression, analysis of variance, and hypothesis testing. Prerequisite: Math 223.

Yuck… I’ll have to wait on those. They can’t be as bad as Discrete Math… can they? *fear*

Now, I just need to hope my work doesn’t block me. *hoping for the best* They normally keep us on day shift when we get back, at least for a while. We’ll be working 12 hour shifts, of course (since they can’t seem to ever keep enough people to actually run the place properly) so maybe I’ll be lucky and can get a admin job. We’ll see.

Also, I just noticed that they have Introduction to Pascal as a 200 level course. *lmao* I wonder if they still use Turbo Pascal 7.0 like I did when I took this course in high school… seven years ago. (Has it really been that long?!?) Meh..

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