Chrno Crusade

I just finished Chrno Crusade. The beginning was alright, and I kinda had to go on faith that it would get better… and I think it really did. The ending is awesome. I especially like how they pull some real life events and place it in the show. Adds a bit of realism to it. The characters are really well created as well. I love the devil/human differences. I’ve also been listening to the soundtrack for the last week or so, as priorly mentioned, and Sayonara Solitia is still one of my favorite songs. You should listen to it. You should watch it too. (Hell, since it’s the ending, you can do both!) The show does have religious undertones, but it’s not prosthelyzing or anything. (I mean, you have a Nun with a gun who works with devils, can’t get any better than that!) Ne? NE!?

Anyways. I should finish moving stuff and making my room vacant. I have all these computer parts I acquired over the time I was here that don’t have a home anymore. (Most are old cd-roms, and video cards anyways.) I need to find a place to stash them. (The new WGM won’t have a connex to store stuff like I did.) Anyway, I guess I’ll get to work.

One other note… we had our award ceremony but I didn’t get anything. Mine is still in the works they say. So I guess this means they’ll either ‘lose’ it or send it to my home station and I’ll get it a year later at a commanders call and not have a clue what it’s for. Military life for ya.

[note: LJ says prosthelyzing is spelled wrong, and the word doesn’t exist in… but google says it’s right, and google knows all. All hail google.]

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