Update about me.

I’m still alive, don’t worry. If you really want to know what happened… I went on a convoy about a week ago (to Taji, it’s just a couple hours away) and while I was there I saw Neverwinter Nights for sell for like $20. Well, needless to say, I bought it and it has consumed most of my time since. (That along with work, of course.) So that’s been my life for the last week. Other than that, I’ve just been freezing my ass off. It’s been getting below freezing at night lately. It’s 4:30am right now, and I just got back from the showers. One nice thing about taking a shower so late is that nobody else is there. So the water is actually hot! (Hot enough that my frozen hands and feet felt like they were on fire, but oh did it feel good.) My room has even been pretty cold lately. The little AC/Heater unit can’t keep up with it. I have to wear sweats or a jacket in here. I’m thinking of pulling out my sleeping bag to put over the top of my blankets. (It’s a mummy bag, so it doesn’t work too good, but it might not matter soon… brr…)

They never tell you that you’ll be going to the desert to freeze your ass off… Then again they never told me I would be in trans, or would be doing an army job either… damn enlistment contract…

I gave Tina part of her Christmas present already. I gave her a paid account with extra user pics. I also uploaded about 40 lj icons to it as well. She said she liked it. She deleted some of the pics I put up and added some of her own. I hope she likes it. I’m thinking of getting me a account and buying something cool with the gift certificate… We’ll see. She seemed to like it. She was being all cute tonight. It’s nice to see her smiling. She was sad for a bit though. Seems my old saturn decided to finally die today and I told them just to sell it for parts. She’s like, “But what about all the memories?” It was a good car, and I did alot in it… to include hiding behind it while we blew stuff up *stupid* and driving to all my other teenage antics. Oh well. I’ll keep the memories, but there is no point in keeping a car that needs a new engine and has almost the entire interior stripped. (Compliments of my sisters husband…)

Anyway, I’m going to bed… well.. maybe after one more game of nwn… um.. er


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