Operation Security?

I guess someone from my home station (Pope) emailed the people here saying I was talking about things I shouldn’t talk about on here, or had pictures I shouldn’t have up. Since I only have one entry where I talk about the convoys (the one I went on) I figured they were complaining about it. Lets see, I guess we don’t want the bad guys knowing that we do drive here, I suppose. (I’ll try to avoid being really cynical here since I’m kinda annoyed that they didn’t just say something to me and went straight to those above me… then again, maybe it was too hard for them to find my email under my user information page.) Anyways, so I locked the entry where I talked about the convoy. To those who liked seeing the pictures of Iraq, I’m sorry.

Also, I guess I shouldn’t leave everything public anymore. Some terrorist might find out what books I’ve read or that I like a computer and blow them all up or something… *shrugs*

Anyway, we’ll see what I feel like doing. But that’s just some info for now.

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