Microsoft really annoys me at times. Too bad I can’t switch to linux on my work computers. Recently, it’s been about their change to the IME (Input Method Editor) software. (The program that converts japanese to 日本語.) It used to work fairly well in any program… You choose japanese and hiragana and type away. Now I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to type in Japanese in a non-microsoft application. Well, I wasn’t able to. I tried for like twenty minutes to find the setting. In notepad I had to right click and type Open IME. Only then could I type in Japanese (even though it said JP in the IME window.) Anyways, suddenly, as I write this, I switched to Japanese and type 日本語 in notepad, and when I came back here, it was typing in Japanese here too.

Maybe they’ve included a code that won’t allow you to do it until you decide to complain. (Blah!) Because of that, I really have no reason to finish typing this, but since I already went through the trouble, I’ll post anyway. You’re free to move it to /dev/null if you so choose.

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