Livejournal Coupons!

I was looking at the Wikipedia for Livejournal and noticed this:
# December 17, 2003 — Unused Invite Codes can be used to obtain LiveJournal coupons until December 31.

Well, since that was 2003, it can’t still be up now. Anyways, I followed the link:

and clicked on the link to claim them.

End result (or if your in a hurry, just click on that last link) I was given a $4 coupon for the 8 invite codes I still had.

Note: This will only work if you had invite codes last year that you never used. You can’t create any more codes, so if you didn’t generate them then, you’re out of luck. Also, if they catch wind that they still have this up, it might come down… since they said it would only be up for a couple months.

Just wanted to share.

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