Dream Computer

I was looking through Sharky Extreme’s Extreme Gaming PC Buyers Guide and I think I found my dream computer.

Keep the case, KB, Mouse, Monitor that I currently have and add the following:
$110.00 Antec Neopower (It has cool cables that plug into it when you need them… no more unused cables.)
$130.00 ASUS A8V Deluxe WiFi Edition (I so want this board…)
$835.00 Athlon 64 FX-55 (Socket 939) (Only the best on the market now, beats even Intel Extreme Edition.) Funny enough, my 800mhz Athlon cost the same price when I bought it…
$325.00 Corsair XMS 1GB PC-3200 Pro TWINX1024-3200LLPRO (2x512MB) This was just on the list, but I wouldn’t mind using cheaper memory, as long as it kept up.
$520.00 eVGA GeForce 6800 Ultra 256-MB (I so want a good video card, and this one looks as good as they come.)
$356.00 Two Western Digital Raptor 74GB SATA, 10000 RPM w/8-MB Cache (RAID 0 and you bring on the speed, baby!)
$72.00 Pioneer 16x DVD+RW/-RW DVR-108 (I think I’m going to buy this either way. I need a DVD writer.)

Total so far: $2,348.00
*sighs* I paid that much for my current PC…with monitor. There’s no way I’m going to get $2k from my wife… why does it have to be so expensive! *cry*

And I haven’t even hit my wish list:
$602.00 NEC/Mitsubishi DP2070SB-BK, 22″ Diamondtron CRT Monitor (22″! OMG! I can go to heaven happy! Or if I choose, I can see it in 22″ on my new monitor! If I ever get it… XD Wishlists suck…)
$65.00 Logitech MX1000 Cordless Optical Mouse (It uses a laser… [Dr. Evil Voiceover]You know, a ‘laser'[/Dr. Evil Voiceover])

Um.. Family… not that you read this and all, but I’ll take anything from the list above for Christmas! XD
Sadly, I think even the mouse is 4X the current Christmas gift rate in our family. Oh well. Maybe I’ll start saving and buy items as I can afford them. (Only problem with this is I’ll have a motherboard,memory, and it’ll sit around until i can afford the processor… sucky!)

Well, that was my wishlist. I’m going to go drool over the pictures for an hour or so and then go do some work.

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