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The sex life of an electron

From the Utah Lawbooks

76-10-1505. Discharging firearms and hurling missiles into buses and terminals — Exception.
(1) Any person who discharges a firearm or hurls a missile at or into any bus or terminal shall be guilty of a third degree felony.
(2) The prohibition of this section does not apply to elected or appointed peace officers or commercial security personnel who discharge firearms or hurl missiles in the course and scope of their employment.

New singles ad:

User friendly software searching for friendly Hardware to interface with. Hardware may present itself in floppy format as software has capability to upgrading same to full size firm. Size is not all that important; but byte sized bandwith required — header width is of more concern. Joystick should be able to toggle in different speeds and for some duration. Software is looking for system willing to perform intensive manipulation of keyboard as well as preparing the mainframe and disk drives. Fingering of all files permitted, and encouraged, before thrusting joystick into drive. Software is programmed not to copy; there is no need for removing joystick before completed execution of program. Program may be run several times per day… especially if special features and options are utilized.

Since when did McDonalds have hot chicks? Playboy finds the hotest girls from McDonalds. (Warning! Nudity Ahead.)

Target offers Blowjobs, $9.99 Hackers having fun. 🙂 They also had a Anal Stimulator device, and Marijuana for sell. (This link subject to self destructing.)

A little late, but some humor for the past election.

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