Stupid network…

It looks like they blocked livejournal again. I still have ‘my ways’ to get here, but it means my client won’t work. I guess I could make a little lj proxy for it, but I’m not in the mood.

Work hasn’t been too bad. Yesterday (my day off…) I ran electricity to a tent and wired the whole thing up. Also ran network cables and moved the computers from the briefing room to the new tent. (Also hooked upt he tv’s out there.) It’s our new morale tent. Took me a while, but I finished it. Looks pretty decent too.

What else… not much…

Still don’t know how things will be when I go home, but I’m hopeing for the best.

And they got some Mt. Dew Code Red here! (I like standard better, but it’s something at least!)


samba still sux0rz. Tried everything, to no avail. I’m trying to use a old version of samba now… it takes about 3 hours to download 10mb though.. My only question is, how the fsck did kevin login when he was here?

Oh well. Lastly, I got my DVD’s back and they have stuff on the morale server. I’m just wondering how they won’t put up some anime I have because of the fan-service when they have movies like eurotrip up there. 😡

*shrugs* Later.

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