Real deep thoughts

I have a few questions for you that originated from a convo with a friend of mine…

1. About a relationship… if your significant other was cheating on you… would you rather find proof and know the truth of it, or would you rather live a lie and have them still be your perfect person?
(Note, this has nothing to do with my wife, someone else brought it up!)

2. Would you rather be a “rat in a cage” and given all the basic needs: food, shelter, etc, but never able to leave your cage; or would you rather be free to go where you wish, even if it meant struggling?

The first one, I think I would rather know the truth than live the lie, because you can’t live the lie forever and someday the truth will surface. I would rather know now than find out that my relationship was false.

As for the second one, think of it as being stuck in the military. Forced to live where they choose, yet knowing that food and shelter is provided, or stuck on your own. I don’t know which is better, to be honest. Although, I think I want my freedom.

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