Ok, I take back everything I ever said about Naruto. Not only do I find myself laughing it’s now the third movie to almost make me cry. I just watched 19 and those last couple episodes got to me. Never before has one got me so worked up so early in the series. It definitely has the Kenshin feel to it with the thrill, but I love the ‘ninja magic’ aspect, especially since I believe it has some truth behind it. (Perhaps not all of what they show in Naruto, but definitely some truth. I really do think this is a great show and, although I’m still early in the series, it’s definitely going on my favorites list. I urge you all to watch it.

Thanks again Durrem. This has definitely given me an enjoyable use for my free time.

And remind me to do a “I’m thankful for” thing later…

And remind me not to use definitely so much…….

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