My big day yesterday…

We had some pretty important people come and do the dog and pony show here. It was pretty interesting.
No that it means much, but I shook their hands, and have a picture with them… but it’s on my 35mm camera. :/

I do have other pics, but I need to resize them… a task for a later date.

Anyway, the three people who showed up are:
General John Jumper – Chief of Staff for the Air Force,
Dr. James Roche – Secretary of the Air Force, and
CMSgt Gerald Murray – Chief Master Sergant Of The Air Firce

In case you have no clue what I’m talking about…they’re the three highest people in the air force sans the president.

I opened the door for Gen Jumper, and he didn’t even give me a coin. How sad. :/

Anyways, it was a pretty interesting visit.

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