Linux joys.

In an attempt to fix a few problems, I decided to abandon gentoo-sources and go to gentoo-dev-sources. I use dev-sources on my home machines, so I don’t know why I didn’t just use it here. It was a good reminder at how much easier 2.6 is to configure over 2.4.

root@aragorn mnt # uname -a
Linux aragorn 2.6.9-gentoo-r1 #1 SMP Sat Nov 6 11:11:05 GMT 2004 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1700MHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

Anyways, it didn’t fix my problem. I did notice something while going through my dmesg though… it was trying to do a fsck.xfs on the root partition while booting. Stupid me… attention to detail is not one of my strongest points it appears. I forgot to update xfs to resierfs in my fstab. So, I guess that can explain why I was getting the “Stale NFS File Handle” error. :/ However, it didn’t solve my smbmount error. Now, I just get Permission Denied. Check here for more info. I know my friend was able to connect to it on his laptop last time he came over. I need to figure out what he did and I didn’t. :/

Otherwise, I just need to get back into the linux mindset. (I find myself ls-ing in windows, and move-ing on linux. Bleh! Surprisingly I never had a mistake between ifconfig and ipconfig. *shrugs*

Anyways, I kept getting woken up. Why does everyone need the computer guy while I’m sleeping. I’m going back to bed.

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