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It appears that they have done something to prevent me from using IM’s here. (I can still use Yahoo Japan, but nothing else…) I guess the military is truly committed to preventing any communication with friends and family. Maybe I’ll just move to the trailers where I can do whatever I want on the hajji network…

In my sick time and spare time, I’ve been watching anime alot. So far I finished Battle Programmer Shirase, Rizelmine, and Witch Hunter Robin since I mentioned this last. I’ve also started on Naruto, and Midori no Hibi (which confuses me since midori is green and hibi is like chipped.) Ahh well.

Witch Hunter Robin was good as expected. It had a really good plot and a really good emotional basis with it. I found myself hoping for the success of certain characters, which is one of the main reasons I love anime so much. The graphics are really well done in this as well.

Battle Programmer Shirase was one I had to watch because it’s rare to find an anime that deals with programming at all, and I’ve never seen one that actually took it as the theme of the show. This one was good, but very unrealistic. A 12 year old a commander in the U.S. Navy for example? Even if she was a super-genius, I think there would be problems with that. 🙂 Also, controlling peoples brain waves by modifying the electrical current in the buildings wiring to send out various magnetic rays… um.. yea..
All in all, it was enjoyable. (Although I did get so annoyed with the repeated part about someone walking in on him with his niece and doing their little “I’ll just pretend I didn’t see” spiel. The joke got old. It had a loli aspect to it as well… is it bad that I like the loli part? 😡 These episodes were only like 10 minutes long, so I went through the series really quick..

Rizelmine was cute and strange at the same time. Another loli anime where a 12 year old (whom has the entire japanese government backing her up for various reasons) marries a 15 year old. The catcher is the 15 year old only likes older women. It still had some emotional attachment and some scenes that made me laugh. I still wouldn’t rate it very high. These shows were also really short.

Naruto, I’ve only seen a few eps, and only because it’s so famious over on animesuki. It’s interesting so far. Midori no Hibi is about a boy who is really strong but doesn’t have a girlfriend… after doing his little monologue in his room talking about how he’s never had a girl friend and if things don’t change his right hand will be his only love… hit right hand turns into a girl. Yes, a girl. His hand is no longer there and there is now a girl there… I haven’t seen enough to tell you more, but so far it looks like it’ll be very strange. No, my question to you now is… would it still be considered masturbation?

Ahh yes, deep thoughts… look for more next time. :/

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