w00t! I be back!

Well, they switched over to the new network, and people from the states took control, and the first thing they did was block EVERYTHING. I’m suprised they allow lj again, actually. I’m happy though since this is my way to let you all know whats up.

Anyways, I moved and live in my own connex now, with my own computer, and all that jazz. It’s pretty nice. I’ll post pictures once I’m able to. (Sadly they block my server so I can’t ftp to it. I started a brinkster account so I’ll see if I can post up there.) A few things of interest to note. First, I guess I’m doing really well as the Workgroup Manager. We had people complain that I’m not doing my job because we had issues with the email migration, and my higher ups told them to be sit down and shut up basically. At least someone realizes that I can’t do anything over on the server side. Either way, the commander for our squadron signed me up to fly to a base a little ways from here to fix their computer network. I guess that means someone likes my work.

Anyways, I’ll post more now that I’m allowed to again. Take care!

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