No more IRC for me… :(

I was enjoying my day, and then something rather strange happened. Someone logged on to the irc channel I was in and started asking if anyone military was in the room. Someone else responded “A few.” His response was, “From Balad Air Base?” I was like, who is that? Then he gave me my ip address. My INTERNAL ip address. I was like, awww shit.

Anyways, turns out he was from the Network Operation Security Center, and he prob checked his firewall logs and noticed that I was connecting to the topgamer server. Well, after that, he said to get off, and I asked why? In the end, I ended up giving him my email address and logging off. He responded with this:


You are in violation of several regulations regarding the use of the internet, including General Order 1, the Special Instructions for Communicators (SINC) and several Air Force Instructions. IRC (even when accessed through a webpage) is not authorized for use from a government computer or network, unless approved by your local Network Control Center, ACCC, and the CENTAF Network Operations and Security Center. We have the IP address of the machine that is being used to access the page, and also the ability to block any and all traffic leaving Balad AB from that IP. Joining the IRC chat channel was an attempt to point out the error in using it and to give you the oppertunity to rectify it. In other words it was a warning. The firewall is constantly monitored, so if this traffic does not cease, we will permanently block it. There are several approved methods of contacting your family, to include morale calls, email, and postal mail. If you would like to discuss this in detail, we can be reached at DSN [REMOVED], or Commercial [REMOVED]. We are a 24 hour facility.

[Signature Removed]

So, as I see it, I won’t be getting on IRC for a while. If your curious of my reply:

I understand. The warning has been taken. I was hoping that a open
text protocol would be looked light upon since it is just a measure to
communicate outside the wire, much as email is. However, due to the
warning, I shall cease any use to communicate with my friends through
this medium. I appreciate the warning, and thank you for your
kindness in that action.

Anyways, Iraq just got a whole lot worst. I’ll be staying off AIM/Yahoo for a while due to this as well. He didn’t mention it, but until I look into some regs and stuff, I’ll just play it safe. At least while they’re looking at me.

Anyways, that’s my story. Sucks, ne?

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