My trip and my welcome back…

Well, the trip went ok. I flew up and convoyed back, which was cool. The flight was a low altitude one… and I really mean low altitude… We had to raise altitude just to fly over power lines! It was kinda neat. The convoy back was mostly boring. The most excitement we saw was two blackhawks escorting us for part of the way. According to reports, I helped them out alot up there.

And now that I’m back I have one guy who wants to steal my computer, says the computer guy doesn’t really need one. *rolls his eyes* And we started manditory PT. I guess that’s not bad concerning I work out more regularly when I’m forced to do it.

Anyways, if you want to chat, I’m on Yahoo Messenger and sometimes AOL. (When it decides to work.) You can find my names under my profile.


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