They appear to have trailers for us to move into. It’ll be two people per trailer, and they’re supposed to be pretty well setup, with the exception that they’re not sandbagged yet. Somehow, everyone got a room but me and my current roommate. It doesn’t bother me much, since I like my current home. The one thing that would be nice, however, is my current roommate would move out and I would have this place to myself… until they forced me to move over there as well. Since he works nights, and I normally work days, it would help alot when I’m trying to get work done. And I won’t have to listen to my music through my headphones anymore. We’ll see how long that lasts though. In the next couple months we’re supposed to move our entire compound over into another Army units compound and share with them, so I’ll probably have to move then. My poor home. The trailers have wall lockers and stuff as well, so maybe I’ll like it… but no computer… *the horror!*

Not much has been happening. I’m trying to get our webpage up and running but I don’t have many images and my art skills suck. I’ve created a pretty good header, and I’m working on ideas to make it a nicer page layout as well, but so far I like my design. I wonder if it’ll be accessible by the general public of if it’s just internal…

Ramadan hasn’t been too much of a pain so far. We’re not too far into it yet, though. We had one missile fly over our heads and hit just across the street. Normally I would think it was an awesome sound, but the last time I heard it a Air Force kid was maimed by it. Every time I hear an explosion I wonder if anyone was hit. That’s the worst part of this place. I’m still alive and will be in four months, so that’s all that matters.
Anyways, I’m supposed to work tonight, so I guess I should take a nap or something. Take care!

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