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I just took the pictures off of my digital camera, and sadly, almost all the ones from the convoy itself are awful. My camera doesn’t handle well in low light/fast moving environments. I do have some pictures though.

This is what I flew over in. It’s called a Sherpa, although we call it a lunchbox with wings. The flight was pretty tight. It was a low-level flight the entire way; that is we flew so low that we had to raise altitude to get above the ground. The flight lasted about 30 minutes. I wish I had taken pictures during the flight.

This is a picture taken at the same place as the prior picture. I just thought it was too beautiful to miss out on. I’m really happy with how well this turned out. Just goes to show that even when you’re halfway across the world surrounded by people who want to kill you, you can always find a little beauty somewhere.

This is an old Iraqi building that was on the outskirts of my base. I had some really good shots of the buildings that people live in and stuff taken during the convoy, but my camera decided it didn’t like them. Most the buildings I see look somewhat like this, although they have two floors with a balcony. I’ll see if I can get more pictures from people who go on more convoys than I do to give you a better idea.

To give you an idea of how my camera screwed up most of the pictures, this is a marketplace that we passed on the convoy. There were lots of people eyeing us, but then again we were there with a .50cal and a SAW on our trucks, I had my M4 pointed at them, and there were two blackhawk helicopters circling us as we drove through the city. I would be wary too. Pretty bad picture though, eh? For this reason, I won’t post the other pictures like this I took of the trip.

This is the last stretch of road leading up to my base. You can somewhat see the fence with the barbed wire surrounding the top. This picture is overlooking the top of the guntruck. Sadly, it’s not a very good picture as well.

I’ll post more soon.

Around the base, people have been running around trying to get things done as soon as possible. Ramadan is coming and people think that we might be attacked really heavy around that time. I’m planning on going to the PX tonight and stock up on stuff just in case we go to DELTA and everything gets closed down. I’m also looking at re-enforcing the sandbags that protect my ‘home’. All in all, it should be a pretty eventful time. Tina gets worried alot, but I worry for her too, and she doesn’t have much to fear back home. Either way, she’s my wife and I cherish that I have her at home waiting for me. I wish I could be with her, and pray that it’ll happen sooner than later, but all I can do is work hard while I’m here and hopefully make her proud when I come home.

During my offtime, I’ve been working out alot and watching Scryed. So far I think it’s a pretty well done anime series. The animation is pretty good and I like the music. (That’s not saying much since I like almost any anime soundtrack.) I also noticed that someone added Angelic Layer and Trigun to the morale drive. I’m going to have to watch Angelic Layer, and maybe watch Trigun again if nothing else shows up. (Angelic Layer is also the only anime you can buy at the PX here, and it’s only the first dvd at that.) Speaking of anime… This is pretty funny. The true horrors of dubbed anime is revealed. (I stole this from someone on, but can’t recall who…)

And moving on to AnimeSuki… in my request for anime, someone posted this:

I’d sooner send it to a prisoner or ophan caused by that shit wrapped in a flight suit. They cant do their job right and they are murderers, therefore the only thing they should be sent is payback for their sins

My response is as follows:

Since it was anonymous, I just wanted to post here. I joined the Air Force for various reasons, mainly school, and pride. I didn’t choose to come here, nor did I choose the actions taken upon the people around here. Yes, I do carry a weapon, and yes I have pointed it at people. Yes, I will do so again. I do so in defense of the life of myself and those around me.

I know of two people in my unit alone who have been killed since I’ve been here. People are planting bombs on the road and trying to kill us every time we leave the gates. While the sides are convoluted, I’m sure they fight for their own beliefs, but I have one memory of a little girl around 12 years old yelling at us, “I love you!” Those things keep me fighting and keep my faith strong.

My response to your comment. You’re free to say things like that as you wish. You can even give me a bad mark for it. And it’s people like me and everyone out here that make it so you keep that freedom. Think on that.

I really do wish I could go home to my wife, but I signed my choices away to a greater cause. Now I have to live by the principles and ideals that my uniform and my flag stand for. “…for liberty, and justice for all.”

As our code of conduct says: I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense. Enough said.

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